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Pellamex is a daily food supplement specially developed for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. It nourishes your skin’s natural protective shield from the inside so you can look and feel great on the outside.

Each dose comes in a small portable sachet, is easy to consume and only has to be taken once daily for noticeable results after approximately one month.

Pelladerm is a Class 1 Medical Device cream contains a naturally-occurring, patented prebiotic ingredient. The product has been developed and clinically validated for the relief of psoriasis and can be used in other dry skin conditions.

This product is in pre-launch manufacturing.

Pellatone is a cosmetic after-sun cream containing a patented, natural ingredient that has properties useful for evening skin tone and reducing skin inflammation.

This product is currently in development.


Patented platform transdermal delivery technology

Patented topical prebiotic technology for skin microbiome and targeted skin diseases

Patented oral prebiotic technology for the gut-skin axis and targeted skin diseases

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